Biostatistics and Bioinformatics play a key role in biology research with a spectacular development in recent years due to technological advances. This meeting is part of a series of meetings and exchanges between regional teams in bioinformatics and biostatistics. It offers to researchers and engineers the opportunity to present their activity on methodological or technical developments. It also gives the opportunity to biologists to present original results obtained from the application of bioinformatics/biostatistics methods. It follows the events organized in December 2009, March 2011, March 2012, June 2014, June 2015, December 2016.

We invite all regional teams (academic laboratories and private companies) to submit an abstract. We hope that this meeting will provide the opportunity for students, researchers and engineers from different origins to meet each other, to identify important directions for future research and to facilitate fruitful research collaborations. 

This one-day workshop will consist of two invited lectures, contributed talks and poster presentations. The meeting is opened to mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists and biologists.

This year the meeting will be held on Thursday 13th December 2018 at Inra, center of Auzeville.


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